Combat Psychiatry # The Division Psychiatrist


They will be seen for screening and decision on psychiatric treatment. In the Rear Unit patient who require more than a few days prior to return to duty are treated.

In the admission-tent all patients are evaluated for admission, evaluation and sorting. Various cases are portrayed, showing the need of separating severe cases form other psychiatric patients, the possibility of quick recovery even after severe experiences but also the need to observe the patient’s reactions. Rest and sleep are important for therapy of the early cases in critical conditions. This is why the therapist visits the patient at night to care for patients with anxieties. 

In the interview tent Walker is treated for his traumatic experiences.

altHe came to see the psychiatrist to complain about McGuire, a fellow soldier who always kept on talking about his experiences. altThis Walker cannot stand. 


The psychiatrist encourages Walker to talk about things himself, saying that talking sometimes helps. Walker does. It helps him to get in touch with his feelings.