Living In TV Land # William Shatner In Concert


A part of an interview follows:


LN: I don’t know if I would call Bill a singer. I don’t know.

Bill Shatner: It is a great time of my life, great marriage, great children married to great guys and great babies, getting these awards, but I wish I could sing.

Introduction to the series: Outside the roles that made them famous … they are not acting, they are simply living in TV land. Now: William Shatner in Concert.
 A clip shows Captain Kirk ordering somebody to identify himself and T.J: Hooker is on the screen, telling him that his first name is “Sergeant”.
 Music clips from the concert are shown.



To introduce  the next clip William Shatner provides scenes from a flight in his plane with Leonard Nimoy and his wife Susan Bay Nimoy.





WS: One of the key things in making coffee

LN: You wanna tell me how to make coffee?

The clip is cut here.
 Leonard tells Bill about the convention he went to in Germany in spring [2005]: … and a week later in London to another convention. And then we went from London to Tel Aviv.

WS to Susan Bay Nimoy: So, tell me what retirement is like. 

SBN: We wake up in the morning and Leonard goes and gets the New York Times. 

WS: So, how do you get there?

Leonard is eating and indicates by the movement of his hands that he’s driving. 

SBN: By car.
WS: What does he drive? 

SBN: A 1985 Isuzu
WS: A what?

SBN: A 1985 (laughing) 

WS: It sounded like: „Shushu„.

SBN (still laughing): They don’t make them any more. 

WS: That’s why.

LN: Bill, “Isuzu”
WS: „Isusu.“ It’s no accident you picked a classic. You get a classic car, a classic wife and a classic house.

LN: Yeah, we’re all about classic.

SBN: I want to know what you and Liz do together.


WS: Elisabeth and I are passionately in love. I mean: „Passionately.“



Insert of the interview with Leonard about William Shatner
LN: “Passionate” is an understatement, he is volcanic.

LN: I don’t think he changed, he is the same energetic, fun loving, mean person.
In the plane:
WS: How do you make your coffee?
LN: By putting it into the grinder. (demonstrating the sound of a grinder)
It is important how long you grind it.
WS: I’d put it into the Isuzu. (and continues; describing how Japanese people used to make swords while chanting a song…)

One of William Shatner’s raps is called I WANT YOU TO BE YOU and is about him and Leonard.


William Shatner’s rap: I WANT YOU TO BE YOU:




Not all love songs are romantic or even serious for that matter (painted hearts appear in the background)

I want you to be you (a scene in the plane)

Don’t say I might want you to be different, I fell in love with you. (A scene from Star Trek and a part from one of  his concerts plays)




I don’t like to be blond (scene with Spock), I don’t want you not to swear (scene with T.J. Hooker: He saves is life and both fall to the ground),
not to sweat,

it’s you I fell in love with: Your eternal phrase, your sensitivity, your irrational moods (scene from T.J. Hooker where Leonard beats him) … well, maybe that could go, but everything else: I want you to be you.





I love what you wear (Spock is putting on his top),




because you wear it   
the cleaning dress, the .. black jacket,

the caprice … well, maybe the caprice could go.


(A part of  the Priceline ad is inserted)


I love what you eat. You want Yoghurt, you get Yoghurt. Papaya? It’s yours. Chewing gum? It’s your way. I want you to be you. Spit out the gum, it doesn’t work. 




(A part of the Priceline ad is inserted): Why are you bothering me? 

(Scenes of hugging each other)

Scenes from song writing are shown. 
HAS BEEN (another song by William Shatner) is introduced and the show reports about his other passion: horse riding and competing in choreography riding. William Shatner shares how he performing at conventions and how is waiting for the birth of his grandchild in hospital. 

Leonard Nimoy about his musical work: I think his recent musical work is good.
More clips about William Shatner’s awards, performances and life are shown.