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Dear visitor,
welcome to a collection of Leonard Nimoy's
enormous range of work in this
Leonard Nimoy encyclopedia and link-archiv

This is our attempt to say:
"Thank you, Leonard!"
because he gave so much through his art,
his kindness and his love for people.

Leonard, Yehuda Lev,
we will always think of you 
and be grateful to you!



Leonard Nimoy was a wonderful gentleman who valued people and had the gift to elevate them in a dignified, caring, determined and sensitive way.
His great insight and depth, his daring to explore new things and his tackling of challenging situations made him a true Renaissance man. His engagement in countless fields of art and work made him wise and his statements were always clear. When I asked Leonard what one could "give back" he said: "Support the local artists". 

I send my heartfelt condolences to all who cared for him and loved him.alt

Press release from the White House:


Leonard Nimoy via Twitter on February 23rd: 
A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

With most of the summaries you'll find videos or links to their original site. The pictures in the pages open when you click them. Clicking the blue words in the lists gets you to the articles.


Join Leonard in supporting SEARCH (click on the photo:)  
Direct link to Leonard's letter: A Plea for Peace in the Middle East

You find Leonard Nimoy's most recent works to buy under this link (LL&P shop) and Alien Voices MP3s here. Here you find *the interview Leonard gave us*.

Join the Yahoo Group leonardnimoythegreatalt and here you visit our sister webpage Maiden Wine. The German translation of "A Lifetime of Love" you find under "Ein Leben voller Liebe" on the German speaking net for example and for buyers from the US and others under this link

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