Collection of pictures, writing of summaries, any contents work: Margitta,
Webmaster (Technik): Bernd

This is a fan work, a work of love. No one is gaining any financial profit of this page. Anything on this page belongs to those who own it. No harm or infringement is intended at all. If you mind your work, pictures or anything which is yours being advertised or made known of in this way, please, let us know. If you have got any work of Leonard Nimoy’s and you don’t find it in this collection, please, share with us.
All these years of work on this page is an attempt to find a meaningful way to say:„Thanks to Leonard Nimoy“.

The „Thanks to Leonard Nimoy Fan Group“ website / Facebook site is not legally affiliated with the „Thanks to Leonard Nimoy“ website. Actually no page on the net is affiliated with this website. All links included to „Links“ have been listed at a time nothing illegal or unpleasent has been detected in the contents of those links. 

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