Broken Arrow # Conquistator

She does not know that she is half – Indian, but she feels drawn towards the Indians and likes to visit them. The foreman knows about her heritage, but does not want her to learn about it.

When the Indian chief comes to visit the hacienda in order to clear tensions between Indians and Cowboys, he knew that her mother died when she gave birth to her. The Indian chief is a very decent man. As he notices that the Don does not want her to find out, he promises not to tell her and does not as he finds her visiting the Indian settlement. On her way to the Indian village, she was seen by the foreman who fears to loose her in case she finds out. Together with another cowboy he plans to increase the tensions between the Indians and the Whites. They keep the cattle of the Indian people away from the water, which is on the hacienda’s ground and tell the Don that his daughter has been kidnapped by the Indians.

She comes home and is locked into her room, so that the don cannot confirm the truth with her. Knowing that their cattle are kept from getting to the water the chief visits the hacienda again, receiving a cold welcome from the Don who accuses him of having abducted his daughter. To find out the truth they go to the daughter’s room and find one of the cowboys guarding it – in obvious disloyalty to the Don. Now the Don has to remind the men where they have lived from childhood, who fed them and who’s the boss. One after another they return to him and the cattle are allowed back to the water. The Don now tells his daughter about her past and allows her to visit the Indians as she likes.

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