Broken Arrow # Iron Maiden

 Melana: Marya Stevens
Tom Jeffords: John Lupton
Cochise: Michael Ansara
Smohalla: Lane Bradford
Apache: Leonard Nimoy

On her way through Apache land, an Indian Lady is exhausted. Seeing Apaches approach she collapses. The Apaches nurse her and learn that she’s been fleeing from fighting in the region she comes from. Her people, the Modoc, are involved in war with the government and she’d been captured by drunken miners where she could escape. Cochise grants her permission to stay and very soon she makes friends with one of the Apache braves.
Modoc Indians pursue her. Being stopped by Apaches before they can enter the territory, they explain that they are looking for the woman. An Apache tells them that she is being married to one of their braves in this very moment. The Modocs warn Cochise about her: Wherever she goes death follows. They want to take her with them. While Cochise waits for an answer from the government inquiring about her, she kills two braves and tries to kill Tom Jeffords. Cochise is there in the right moment to save his life.




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