Target # Piano to Thunder Springs


A couple is moving westwards. They are caught by renegade Indians and bound to thealt wagon, their horses are already stolen. Two cowboys searching  for a way to make their living come to their rescue. When the Indians are gone the cowboys meet Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mr. Evans bragging about his bravery while the Indians were attacking. On their way to reach Thunder Springs they all have to cross the desert and Mrs. Evans insists in taking the piano along. She won’t leave without her piano, knowing that her existence is depending on it.

altEven when Will Hudson refuses to harness his horse, she is determined to stay with her piano rather than leaving this place in the desert without it. The two cowboys look at each other in astonishment – they have got no choice but to put their horses in front of the wagon. In the desert Will’s horse becomes lame. It is limping and Will, in anger about what has happened to his horse, attacks Mr. Evans, who does not defend himself. His friend reminds him that there is something else to be done …

altWill lets go and takes althis gun. He frees his horse out of the harness and shoots it in obvious agony but clearly knowing what he has to do. Will is controlling his anger. While Mr. Evans cannot watch him shooting his horse Mrs. Evans comes closer to comfort Will, who explains that it is an act of kindness to shoot a lame horse. Mrs. Evans promises to pay back for the horse, as soon as she earns money as a piano teacher. Now Mr. Evans confesses that he always has been too weak to fight and that he is not able to kill any being. He won’t take a gun and he surely won’t use it.

With only one horse left, they are forced to rest more often – with only very little water to drink. Mrs. Evans wonders why the Indians following them do not attack. Because they do not need to, the other cowboy explains – they have got enough water supplies and only need to wait until they are too weak to defend themselves. Resting some place away from the wagon, Mrs. Evans is bitten by a poisonous snake. She develops a fever and urgently needs water.

Her husband wakes up at night and is desperate – he sees the need for water, hears his wife calling out for water while she is asleep and decides to get water from the only source he can think of: The renegade Indians following them. Since they do not expect an attack from their side, they had not put any people on guard. He reaches their place without being discovered, gets the water – and is seen by an Indian on his way back. They begin to fight and now Mr. Evans fights back in order to bring the water to his wife. In the fight his opponent gets killed. Mrs. Evans makes back his way to the wagon where he was already missed and gains the respect of the cowboys and his wife for his actions.




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