Sea Hunt # Shipwreck

  A storms causes several smaller boats to sink. Before Mike’s boat sinks, he can save his life and uses a life raft to get away. He picks up three other survivors from a reef near by: Ed Wagner, Nancy and Vince Porter. Because of the current and the storm their little boat is drifting even more out into the open sea. altalt



For some days all of them do not have anything to eat or drink and become desperate. Then Mike uses his pocket knife and builds a device to catch fish, goes over board and succeeds in catching something. The circumstances are difficult and he nearly drowns. He’s helped into the raft by Nancy and Ed while Vince heads for the fish and tries to eat it.alt

Nancy despises him for that though Mike tries to calm her down and to make her accept Vince’s reaction afteralt such a long ordeal. Another day Ed drinks seawater and becomes ill. After five days on sea they reach the shore and Nancy forgives Vince because she understands and tolerates his behavior now.–eK4CMbWvo&feature=related


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