Steve Canyon # The Search

 Music: Nathan Scott
Theme music: Walter Schum


Steve Canyon: Dean Fredericks ann
Senator Smith: Hayden Rorke
Control Tower Sgt.: Leonard Nimoy    Scroll down for a video clip
Maj. Williston: Jerry Paris
Peter Brendan: Wilton Graaf
A/1c Featherstone: Abel Fernandez
M/Sgt. Berger: Robert Hoy
Secretary: Ingrid Goude
A/1c Gotch: Bobs Watson
Nurse: Meg Wylie


Steve Canyon is called by state senator Smith. The senator is an old friend of Canyon’s and comes for a private visit and a request for his friend, Emily Brendan: She hasn’t heard from her husband since last Tuesday. The experienced pilot had taken off with his own plane and never stayed away longer than 3 days.


Leonard, Nimoy, sergeant,They cannot go for an official search party because he left for a top secret mission. A search is started and all areas report back to the ground base.

They find the plane and Steve Canyon walks up a nearby road. He finds Peter Brendan who simply enjoys some days off. When he brings the news to his wife, she suspects him to be there with another woman and gets eccentric, accusing Canyon of being guilty of her suspicions. If he hadn‘t found him, she would not have been aware that there is another woman. Senator Smith now realizes that she is mentally ill. All expenses and endeavors for the search have been in vain.

Leonard Nimoy clips in this episode:


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