Where No Duckman Has Gone Before


Dweezil Zappa
Tim Curry
James Doohan
Wilbert Gottfried
Leonard Nimoy
Staff Writers: 
Gene Grillo, 
Howard Margulies
Original Music by: 
Kevin Kiner
Duckman Theme by
Scott Wilk and Todd Yuega
Character Design by 
Everett Peck, 
Jerry Richardson, 
Kevin Murawsky, 
Rodney Clouden, 
Steve Fellner
John Bryant
Creative producer: 
Everett Peck 

altIn a dramatic chase Duckman is pursued by women and beamed aboard the spaceship just before he’s overrun by a truck.

Whenalt a distress call asks for help, Duckman first refuses to take action – until he sees the message on the monitor: Sexy women claim to live on a planet which ran out of supplies. A famous Vulvan, a two-headed ensign and all the original crew is now talking the task. The landing party soon is deprived of the red shirts (by Duckman and his phaser to make the story go on) and face the women.


Dropping the masks Khan Chicken and his people reveal their true identity. The Vulvan rescues them from captivity using the vulvan neckpinch – only to face two Duckmen, each claiming to be the right one and the other to be Khan Chicken. When one asks for mercy for the impostor, he is shot himself. „Is he dead?“ Duckman asks. „Damn it, Jim, I’m a doctor not a rodeo clown“  
„Who’s Jim? …Where were we? .. uh, yes, running like hell!“ and off they run – into Khan and his men who threaten them with death again. The moment Khan Chicken points a phaser at Duckman a skylab from earth drops out of orbit and directly onto Khan. „That is most il…“ the Vulvan does first not finish his sentence because he faces the doctor’s angry look. Then he continues: „…wirdo …“

altBack on the ship they altfirst encounter an alien who agrees to work for his passage as a tailor and then again: Khan Chicken’s ship.

After a fight both first pretend to be wounded, then both decide never to give up. But suddenly Duckman and Khan Chicken find themselves on the surface of a planet. Both crews discover that their captains are gone – out of a sudden – and shout out for joy. A power forces the two captains to fight and Duckman wins because of a sulphur allergy of Khan Chocken. Anyway Duckman decides to spare Khan’s life. This makes them one of the most sophisticated species in the universe and convinces the power to destroy Earth. Now both find out that there is a strange affection towards each other: They both do not like to be killed. The former enemies decide to become friends and kiss.

Leonard wakes up shaken by the bad dream he’s just had and regrets: „That’s the last time I have a headcheese hoagie before bedtime.“