McKenzie’s Raiders # The Imposter / False Cavalry Men


 Texas, October 1873

Colonel Mackenzie, the commander of the 4th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Clark, Texas in 1873, receives secret order from President U.S. Grant and General Phil Sheridan to stop Mexican bandits from crossing the Rio Grande River into the U.S. or from returning to Mexico.

The settlers depend on the protection of the army who is absolutely trusted by them. Under Colonel McKenzie’s command his men patrol the area and buy horses and food from the settlers. A group of soldiers are ready to finish a deal with a settler. When the settler sees the signed payment he discovers a forgery, it is not McKenzie’s signature. Now they shoot him and take the horses and food with them. In his office McKenzie listens to a farmer, Mr. Benson, who accuses him of inefficiency. Several settlers have been killed by soldiers by now. McKenzie tries to convince the man that a uniform does not make a criminal a soldier. Benson is not convinced. All he knows is that many of his friends and families have been killed by men in uniform. He informs McKenzie that the settlers will shoot on any soldier approaching the farms.

Seeing that patrolling the area will be impossible under the condition, McKenzie takes his men to search the surroundings for the disguised killers. They succeed only in finding more civilians ready to shoot any soldiers. Because the settlers cannot detect whether a soldier or a killer is approaching the soldiers are in danger themselves. McKenzie draws the pattern of places where attacks have been done on a map and concludes that the gang operates from a place across the river: Prieto in Mexico. Now he thinks of Amos Nolen, a scout, and poses as the man.

In a salon in Mexico Rita approaches him and finds out that he is a scout, looking for work. Soon a man tries to push him away from her. He gets knocked down by McKenzie/Nolen. altWhen he returns to the table a young man is sitting there. „You want to be next?“ He asks the man. „No, thanks,“ the young man says. „But if you can handle yourself like that, you might find some work around here.“


McKenzie clearly states that he’ll tell by himself when he needs any help and leaves. The young man, Anders, confirms with is friends, who are not as sure as he that McKenzie/Nolen really is a scout. They follow him to make sure.   

altWondering whether he is being watched McKenzie is cautious while riding to his secret rendezvous with Lieutenant Mark Summers at Devil Horn Fort and makes a plan. Hiding in the bushes they witness him approaching the soldier saying, „Don’t shoot!“ (Because he could not risk a moment of recognition) McKenzie then knocks his Lieutenant down and robs him. Anders and the other  man are sure: He’d kill his own grandmother for some dollar. McKenzie is sure that the killers would go for something more than anything other: A wagon load of army uniforms. He instructs Mark to train the best shooting soldiers to accompany the wagon.alt

Having arranged for wagons transporting hidden cavalry men McKenzie/Nolen sells the information to the gang. Their reaction is clear. „Why are you more interested in uniforms than in guns and ammunition?“ he asks Anders. „You’ll see,“ is all he gets. They take him along not to tell them the way but to ride along with them. He had not altexpected that. He is given a uniform to ride with them as a soldier.  He remembers his own orders he gave to the  real soldiers: Shoot the killers.

While fire is opened on the false cavalry men from the wagon McKenzie speeds up and shoots his fellow riders from the front. He is recognized by the soldiers and survives. Not so the false cavalry men. They are all shot.





Target # Piano to Thunder Springs



A couple is moving westwards. They are caught by renegade Indians and bound to thealt wagon, their horses are already stolen. Two cowboys searching  for a way to make their living come to their rescue. When the Indians are gone the cowboys meet Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mr. Evans bragging about his bravery while the Indians were attacking. On their way to reach Thunder Springs they all have to cross the desert and Mrs. Evans insists in taking the piano along. She won’t leave without her piano, knowing that her existence is depending on it.

altEven when Will Hudson refuses to harness his horse, she is determined to stay with her piano rather than leaving this place in the desert without it. The two cowboys look at each other in astonishment – they have got no choice but to put their horses in front of the wagon. In the desert Will’s horse becomes lame. It is limping and Will, in anger about what has happened to his horse, attacks Mr. Evans, who does not defend himself. His friend reminds him that there is something else to be done …

altWill lets go and takes althis gun. He frees his horse out of the harness and shoots it in obvious agony but clearly knowing what he has to do. Will is controlling his anger. While Mr. Evans cannot watch him shooting his horse Mrs. Evans comes closer to comfort Will, who explains that it is an act of kindness to shoot a lame horse. Mrs. Evans promises to pay back for the horse, as soon as she earns money as a piano teacher. Now Mr. Evans confesses that he always has been too weak to fight and that he is not able to kill any being. He won’t take a gun and he surely won’t use it.

With only one horse left, they are forced to rest more often – with only very little water to drink. Mrs. Evans wonders why the Indians following them do not attack. Because they do not need to, the other cowboy explains – they have got enough water supplies and only need to wait until they are too weak to defend themselves. Resting some place away from the wagon, Mrs. Evans is bitten by a poisonous snake. She develops a fever and urgently needs water.

Her husband wakes up at night and is desperate – he sees the need for water, hears his wife calling out for water while she is asleep and decides to get water from the only source he can think of: The renegade Indians following them. Since they do not expect an attack from their side, they had not put any people on guard. He reaches their place without being discovered, gets the water – and is seen by an Indian on his way back. They begin to fight and now Mr. Evans fights back in order to bring the water to his wife. In the fight his opponent gets killed. Mrs. Evans makes back his way to the wagon where he was already missed and gains the respect of the cowboys and his wife for his actions.




Broken Arrow # Conquistator


She does not know that she is half – Indian, but she feels drawn towards the Indians and likes to visit them. The foreman knows about her heritage, but does not want her to learn about it.

When the Indian chief comes to visit the hacienda in order to clear tensions between Indians and Cowboys, he knew that her mother died when she gave birth to her. The Indian chief is a very decent man. As he notices that the Don does not want her to find out, he promises not to tell her and does not as he finds her visiting the Indian settlement. On her way to the Indian village, she was seen by the foreman who fears to loose her in case she finds out. Together with another cowboy he plans to increase the tensions between the Indians and the Whites. They keep the cattle of the Indian people away from the water, which is on the hacienda’s ground and tell the Don that his daughter has been kidnapped by the Indians.

She comes home and is locked into her room, so that the don cannot confirm the truth with her. Knowing that their cattle are kept from getting to the water the chief visits the hacienda again, receiving a cold welcome from the Don who accuses him of having abducted his daughter. To find out the truth they go to the daughter’s room and find one of the cowboys guarding it – in obvious disloyalty to the Don. Now the Don has to remind the men where they have lived from childhood, who fed them and who’s the boss. One after another they return to him and the cattle are allowed back to the water. The Don now tells his daughter about her past and allows her to visit the Indians as she likes.

Men of West Point # Cold Peril

A Cadet, Roy Rupple, tries to cross the frozen Hudson river to visit his fiancee, Nora. When he’s gone his pals learn that an icebreaker is heading his way. Three of them go after him to warn him, one of them staying at the shore. The icebreaker comes and separates the other two and Roy from their shore and their friend. The third man detects their signals and gets the rest of the company to rescue them. 

Broken Arrow # The Trial


 Tom Jeffords: John Lupton
Cochise: Michael Ansara
Hawkins: Damian O’Flynn
Winnoa: Leonard Nimoy
Baldwyn: Don Beddoe
Marshall Neilson: Arthur Space

A robbery is going on as Tom Jeffers comes to a shop. The owner is knocked down and a woman is dying of a stab wound. While he is still caring for the nearly unconscious man, an Indian escapes through the back door. Tom pursues him and is shot in the knee. This gives the Indian a chance to escape, but not before Jefferson shoots him. In town, an Indian has been taken prisoner. Already a rope is hanging around his neck and several men are ready to whip the horse the Indian is sitting on to make it move away.  altalt

Some men want to wait for the judge or Jefferson to arrive while some can’t wait to hang the Indian. The marshal insists in waiting for a judge, but the men push for a hanging. One of them, Hawkins, even gives testimony that he has seen this Indian coming out of the store at the time of the robbery. The moment one of the cowboys wants to hit the horse with a whip Tom rides into town and Winnoa smiles when he sees him coming. Tom recognizes Winnoa, son of one of chief Cochise‘ elders and assures the people that he knows Winnoa, who would never commit a crime.

altStill arguing with some of the men, he takes the rope from Winnoa’s neck. Riding out to meet Cochise, Tom talks to him and Cochise is sure that Whites will judge for the color they see instead of going for facts. If Winnoa is harmed he assures Tom to start alta war. In court Tom, who takes the defense, learns that the judge is a man whose son has been killed and whose ranch had been burnt down by Indians. In the stand the witness, Hawkins, identifies Winnoa as the man who has killed the shop owner and his wife.

Coming in for his defense Tom calls Red Jones for witnessing. Answering his question Jones states where he has found Winnoa: In the opposite direction from town where he had pursued the real killer. Unexpectedly Cochise enters the saloon where court is held. He wants to see how justice is done and came to take Winnoa home. Again Hawkins is called to come forward in the witness stand, altthis time by the defense. He is asked what type of guns he’s brought into town for sale, the box of guns he saw the Indian steeling riffles from. Hawkins also identifies a riffle as one of the missing guns but he denies the ownership of Mexican coins.alt

The next witness is Chief Cochise. The chief orders Wionnoa’s father to bring in the body of the real killer and witnesses that they do not want him. He is a renegade Indian who came to buy guns from Hawkins. The killer had come to Chief Cochise’s altcamp because he was dying of a bullet wound inflicted by his pursuer. That way Cochise had learned from the killer what had happened in town. Jefferson now confronts Hawkins: He had sold guns to the renegade Indian and a struggle began about the money. That way the woman who came in at that moment was killed. Not denying anything any more Hawkins is arrested and Winnoa free to go. He is leaving the court with Chief Cochise and his father.



Highway Patrol # Hot Dust



Highly radioactive material is transported to a nuclear plant. One of the workers, Harry Welles, has an accident with one of the drums and gets in touch with somealt dust which he thinks is deadly and contagious. He runs away in panic and locks himself into his room. Later his fiancee knocks and worries about him. He is so afraid that anything might happen to her that he sacrifices the engagement, fearing she might stay with him and gets infected too, if he told her the truth. 

He goes on running away, a hunted man. On his run through gardens he becomes hungry and thirsty and steals oranges. A girl who watches him shows him his doll. In fear he might contaminate altthe girl, he hits the doll. The doll’s head goes off and this frightens the girl. She calls her father.

By mistake the father shoots at Mathews, a police officer, who’s been after Harry to inform him that he is not contagious and that he will recover. Mathews can put things straight there, but Harry does not listen. He pretends to come along with the officer, but uses the chance to be close to him to get his gun. Mathews later on can convince him that he won’t die and that he is not contagious.

A Man Called X # Speech


Based on the radio series created by J. Richard Kennedy

X is sent to Nepal to find out about the sabotage going on in an oil field. The fellow agents there know about everyone in town – so do the others. X’s conversation with a local agent and guide (a taxi driver) is overheard by an agent of the other party. Soon afterwards Ken Thurston goes to his local superior, who tells him that the driver is a suspect, too, but this does not mean anything. He doesn’t trust anybody and everybody is a suspect to work for the communists, who want the oil field for themselves. The taxi driver introduces X to the sister of the country’s ruler, whom they believe to be in danger as long as the contract is not signed with the Americans.

altHis Highness instead does not think so and wishes to live a normal life, without extreme safety precautions in spite of X’s warnings. But X gets a pass guaranteeing him free access everywhere. X, the ruler’s sister and the taxi driver plan to kidnap His Highness for his own safety – too late, he already is kidnapped by the agents working for the communists and X’s chief turns out to be with them, sending his agent after X. X suspects that they kidnapped the ruler to prevent him from delivering his speech about the planned signing of the oil contract.

Now X plans to trap them. He makes them overhear a wired transmission of his plan about a delivery by truck. And the plan works. The truck is stopped and the car with the ruler’s sister in is also stopped by a roadblock and the agent and his gang kidnap the sister, too. That way X finds the tent where His Highness is held. They all listen to a radio transmission faked by the enemy. In time X frees them all and they send an immediate transmission after the first one, correcting the statements.

All are said to be caught and X’s chief confesses and kills himself.