A Man Called X # Speech


Based on the radio series created by J. Richard Kennedy

X is sent to Nepal to find out about the sabotage going on in an oil field. The fellow agents there know about everyone in town – so do the others. X’s conversation with a local agent and guide (a taxi driver) is overheard by an agent of the other party. Soon afterwards Ken Thurston goes to his local superior, who tells him that the driver is a suspect, too, but this does not mean anything. He doesn’t trust anybody and everybody is a suspect to work for the communists, who want the oil field for themselves. The taxi driver introduces X to the sister of the country’s ruler, whom they believe to be in danger as long as the contract is not signed with the Americans.

altHis Highness instead does not think so and wishes to live a normal life, without extreme safety precautions in spite of X’s warnings. But X gets a pass guaranteeing him free access everywhere. X, the ruler’s sister and the taxi driver plan to kidnap His Highness for his own safety – too late, he already is kidnapped by the agents working for the communists and X’s chief turns out to be with them, sending his agent after X. X suspects that they kidnapped the ruler to prevent him from delivering his speech about the planned signing of the oil contract.

Now X plans to trap them. He makes them overhear a wired transmission of his plan about a delivery by truck. And the plan works. The truck is stopped and the car with the ruler’s sister in is also stopped by a roadblock and the agent and his gang kidnap the sister, too. That way X finds the tent where His Highness is held. They all listen to a radio transmission faked by the enemy. In time X frees them all and they send an immediate transmission after the first one, correcting the statements.

All are said to be caught and X’s chief confesses and kills himself.

Men of West Point # His Brother’s Fist



Narrator: Donald May
With John Bernadino
Tom Kennedy: Leonard Nimoy


Rick and is younger brother Tom Kennedy regularly work out in boxing. They enjoy a swim in the pool as well as a good fight against each other. Rick is sure Tom could become world middle weight champion. Tom’s leave from West Point is just ending and he is about to go back to serve as second lieutenant. Rick and his manager try in vain to convince Tom to pursue a boxing career. Rick drives him back to West Point the next day and meets Lon Milliken, a boxing champion there.




He talks to him about Tom’s abilities. This makes Lon provoke Tom into fighting which he refuses because he has decided for a career in the army. Several incidents make Tom admit that he is scared. Lon uses every chance to make Tom fight and pushes him so far that Tom agrees to fight against Captain Blair, the light–heavyweight champion for 2 years and wins. After the fight, Tom hears Lon talk to Rick about his being scared and his admiration for Tom’s fighting. Rick was aware that Lon had conspired, behind his back, to make him fight and Rick finally accepts Tom’s decision.

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Matinee Theatre # Whom Death Has Joined Together

Leonard Nimoy (s.: Interviews: Archive of American Television):

You also worked on … ?
Leonard Nimoy (s.: Interviews: Archive of American Television):
Yes, Matinee Theatre was a big event for actors. It was a daily life dramatic show, 1 hour each day. I think it went out at noon every day. So, it was a constant turnover, a talent eater. There would typically be a named star or two and there would be work for other people. The process s would be for example: If you would be on a Friday show, you’d rehearse Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday you’d be on the show – life. A skillful organized operation.  … So, you always had five shows on rehearsal in various studios on NBC. And it worked. By this time there was a union as I recall, an actor’s union for television. And they had established a pay scale whereby you would get a certain fee. The fee was predetermined, there was no negotiation. You would get a certain fee if you had an under five line of dialogue. And then another scale that was over five line dialogue. I was hired twice, first by Boris Segal, I worked with him in Boston, Stalag 17. He hired me for an under five line role in a show that starred Vincent Price. Vincent Price, wonderful guy.

It was a show, a story, which would go around his menacing persona. He was about to kill his wife. (laughing) He had arranged a wig on his telephone. If the telephone rang, it would give off a spark and he somehow managed to fill the house with gas. He would go off some place and telephone his wife and before she could get to the phone the whole place would blow up. I had a very small role.

I remember coming to the back door of his house, back door, for a delivery of some kind while he was in the process of setting the whole thing up. He was very nervous, opening the door only a smidgeon.

“Oh, I’ve got your milk, Mr. … Is everything o.k.?” “Yeah, everything is o.k.” and I left.


Dragnet # Big Boy


Director: Jack Webb

Director of Photography: Edward Colman
Produced by: Michael Meshekoff
Executive Producer: Stanley Meyer
Production Supervisor: Sam Ruman
Assistant Directors: Sam Ruman and Mark Evans
Art Director: Feild Gray
Set Director: Jack Mills
Assistant Producer: Raoul Murphy
Supervising Editor: Rpbert M. Leeds
Film Editor: Lynn Harrison
Music: Walter Schumann
Orchestration: Nathan G. Scott
Sound Editor: George Nicholson
Sound: Howard J. Fogetti
Chief Set Electrician: James S. Potevon

Sgt. Joe Friday: Jack Webb
Off. Frank Smith: Ben Alexander
Sgt. Tony Chavez: Harry Bartell
George: Peter Leeds
Dolores: Josephine Parra
Julius Harley Carver: Leonard Nimoy
Hotel Clerk: Mel Ford
Mabel: Adrienne Marden
Clifford Small: Ron Hargrave
A Mark Production


At the police department the policemen are informed about a robbery. They begin to investigate.



Four Young men, amongst them is Julius Carver, are pursued,



and sentenced. 






Your Favorite Story # Adoption

Narrator / Host : Adolphe Menjou
One of the Cousins:. Leonard Nimoy

Also Starring: Lane Chandler, Henry Corden, Larry Crane, Claudia Drake, Claire Du Brey, Gloria Eaton, Linda Johnson and Frank Richards

Two children who’s fathers are brothers are born the same night. A local nobleman offers to raise them and promises to leave them the choice where they want to stay when they are grown up. One mother takes the offer, the other does not. So the two cousins grows up under different circumstances. One in poverty, the other one in luxury. They two families begin to quarrel even building a wall between their respective lands.
Manuel, who was brought up in luxury, returns home. Miguel who had stayed in his parent’s hut is angry that his parents have kept him from a luxury upbringing. Both -independently- decide to leave their homes.
They meet on their way. The cousins begin to discuss their reasons for leaving their homes which results in a quarrel. The quarrel escalates into a fight but they realize that this is not the way forward and so reconciled they begin to demolish the  wall and reunite their two lands.

Four Star Playhouse # Knockout


Mike Dundee: Broderick Crawford
Bobby Gregory: Ron Hargrave
Fred Stevens: Buddy Wright
The Bodyguard: Leonard Nimoy

altBobby Gregory was discovered by Mike Dundee as a great boxer. Mike’s opponent, Jack Balady, who uses the boxers for business only, is after good boxers, too. On a training farm Mike Dundee arranges for Bob to learn anything his best coach can teach him about boxing. Soon the coach phones in and tells Dundee that Bob is ready. From now on he wins all the fights across the country. Jack Balady meets Dundee after he and Bobby have watched a fight with Stevens, Balady’s champion. Balady is always backed up by his body guards.

altaltNow Jack Balady gets interested. While the body guards are playing cards, he makes a plan: He pays his man, Stevens, to pretend that he has to loose the fight in order to make Bob the champion and then to make money through him, betting $ 200,000 on Bobby, the newcomer. At night a drunken Stevens visits Bobby and tells him about the plan. On the ring Bob Gregoaltry does not fight hard. He cannot fight a man who does not give his best and he cannot really fight knowing the other has to loose against his will.

In the end he convinces Stevens to do his best and lets himself be knocked out, giving up the championchip. Steven does so. Both know that Balady will take it out on Stevens.  After the fight Dundee, Bobby, Stevens and Balady meet and discuss the unexpected outcome of the fight. When Balady begins to threaten Dundee, Dundee knocks him down.



As they want to leave they see the body guards standing in the corridor and leave through the back window. Later Bobby Gregory becomes champion after the rematch.

Racket Squad

Captain John Braddock: Read Headly

A captain in the San Francisco Racket Squad exposes rackets.

Big Town # Kid Stuff


altSteve Wilson: Patrick McVey
Lorelei Kilbourne: Jane Nigh
Johnny Porter: Derryl Hickman
Petey : Leonard Nimoy
Barbara Jean Wong: Marion Takawa


Petey convinces a gang-member to change his mind. He has called for Johnny to make Johnny see how heavily he had beaten the boy. The young man had wanted to leave the club. „The club“ turns out to consist of young people who lost money by playing gambling machines. The owners provided money so that they were able to play on and then forced them to sell betting tickets for football games. Whoever wants to quit meets Petey.

Two reporters, Lorelei and Steve, are after stories: Steve works on the selling of the illegal sale of the football game cards and Lorelei marks all the places on the map where young people have been beaten up. Both find out that their stories match when they compare the places the incidents have taken place.alt

They come across Johnny Porter. He would not have been threatened if there had not been his blind father. A perfect target for Petey to control Johnny.
When Johnny becomes nervous after he has been followed by the reporter, Petey confirms with the owner and gets his order: To beat up Johnny. Petey beats Johnny down to make sure, he won’t talk.
Through Johnny Lorelei has made contact with Marion. Her father’s life had been saved by Johnny’s father. Because she thinks she owes him, Marion does anything to protect Johnny. Together with Lorelei Marion pretends to be interested in gambling. Both are allowed to enter the locked room with the gambling machines.

They are detected as intruders and a fight begins. In this moment Steve enters and knocks down Petey. He and Lorelei arrest the owners.